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Why does this exist?

This exists to help hide and obscure people's real identity. This is done by seeding the fake data into search engines.

Fake identities on the public internet are not dangerous. Real identities are!

How does publishing fake identities help obscure my real identity?

There are several companies that gather your identity information, either from public sources, or via scraping information on the internet, creating identity profiles of people.

Web sties like 192.com, www.nnh.co.uk, www.411phonesearch.co.uk, www.itraceuk.co.uk, www.peoplesearchpro.com,zoopla.co.uk, email4property.co.uk, and others advertize access to this information to anyone via google search.

Some companies charge a monthly fee for this service, some ask you to contribute your information in exchange, some will let you pay to remove the information. Regardless of the revenue model, it is easy and likely that someone can learn enough from the web to hijack your identity.

The fake identities in this site are designed to rank higher in search engines compared to the other companies listings. In the case of phone numbers and social security numbers, our sites rank first. This fact will keep some of the curious away from attemting to pry into your true identity.

How was this made?

To start, the Author legally obtained access to 12 million real contacts, with permission to publish the data in this way. The contact information was then scrambled, and filtered against listed names to avoid any coincidences with real people.

A customized set of programs designed to work with the high volume of data was created. Current database technology is too general purpose, and too slow to handle such a large volume of information.

What is this?

This is actually a list of 48 million people, indexed by the WRONGaddress, name, phone, and NINO.
This data is ficticious. Any resemblance to an actual person, living or dead is purely coincidence.
See FAQ for more.